Thomas Schroeder has been musically active in Beaumont for over 20 years.  He is the principal cellist of the Symphony of Southeast Texas and teaches Violoncello and Contrabass at Lamar University.

Thomas studied Music Education and Mathematics in Hanover, Germany, as well as Music Performance in Miami, Florida. He further studied Music Learning Theory (Early Childhood Education & Instrumental Performance) at the University of Michigan.

Thomas has a private music studio, teaching string instruments, piano and recorder. He is especially interested in musical interface design, ranging from new notation systems to ergonomic instruments & stools. Always busy patenting his new inventions Thomas is currently working with a European Company to bring a new motion stool to market.

Patent work

Thomas started playing soprano recorder at the age of 6, expanding his skills covering the sopranino, alto, tenor and bass recorder by age 12. He currently plays recorders from the following builders: Küng, Huber, Fehr, Blezinger, and Mollenhauer.